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Reading Nook Academy is an private, specialized curriculum school; therefore, private funding is an important tool to help our school grow.  Reading Nook Academy does not receive federal funding.  We appreciate your consideration in providing for the needs of our students.  

Ways to give: 

• Make a Taxable Donation

• Cares Tax Credit

• RNA Scholarship Fund

• Sponsor a Room
(If you donate $10,000+, we will name a

room in your/business name.)
• Provide Specific Equipment

Please call our office at (601)-990-4085 to discuss your donation.  


Millie's Mission

With the mission of reaching each child at their level and helping them reach their full potential, Reading Nook Academy was founded by Millie Porter in 2013. " I was seeing the need for individualized instruction from working with both public and private sectors. There are children who fall between the cracks due to lack of one-on-one instruction. Since the beginning, it has been my goal to make sure each child feels successful in all they do. If they have a successful, conducive environment, they will grow to become successful students and adults."

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